Distance Learning Programmes Division

Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani (India)

Guidelines for viewing Recorded events on the DLPD Live sessions portal

Preparing your system for InterWise:

1. On the BITS DLPD Live Sessions Portal (

2. Click on the Getting Ready link below on the page and follow the steps there. 

3. Please remove the Interwise Agent from your startup programs list. As it is not required for your viewing of the On Demand (Recorded) session. 

3.It is also advised that you go through the demo session available there.

4. Then click on the On-Demand Tab.

5. Search for the appropriate course event by using (Course Number as search field)  and please select the correct From and To date.

6. Click on the Playback link.

7. Please wait for sometime as event material has to be fully downloaded on to your machine and played to you.

Note that these login details are different from the BITS VU login details.

For a detailed help click here.

BITS Virtual University Administrator