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Philosophy of Virtual University

The first few steps of a child are small but these are the small steps which helps a man to take giant leaps. Manís journey from conception to childhood to adulthood and beyond is almost like a full circle. We know it, yet we undertake this journey along with all its pains, comforts, sweet and sour experiences, love and hatred, sympathy and apathy, ignorance and knowledge. We move from darkness towards light only to realize that the existence of one without other is impossible. It seems paradoxical but then thatís the philosophy of life. The life goes on, we come across problems, face them and grow beyond them.

This necessity to live to be able to conquer the difficulties and to be able to smile and make others smile is the inspirational force that leads a man to his intentions. His constant exploration of the nature and his experiences with it helps him to uncover, discover and at times rediscover simple, plain truths which form the very basis of life. And this is what the education is all about. It is an art to live a life to its fullest extent, it is a science to learn the intricacies of the laws of nature and it is the technology which glues them together by making use of whatever science discovers and by providing it to the mankind so as to learn the art of living.