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                                                                                        ONLINE & ON-DEMAND SESSIONS HELP

           How to get yourself registered to access the online/recorded  sessions ???

            Please follow the below steps.

       1. Open the following web page. 
   (Click on this link or copy and paste the same in your web browser) . 

       2. Click on register link of the  login window which is present on left panel of the page. (see the following image for reference)   





        Note that these login details are different from the BITS VU login details. Once you get registered, you can use the same login details for

       the future sessions also. Please note that these login details are only for attending the online lectures and viewing the recorded lectures. 

       3. Please click on 'Getting Ready' button (look the image below for your reference), which is present at the bottom of the page. Once you

       click on   that, your computer will be made ready for the online lectures by installing a client application. Once the installation is completed,

       you may have to restart the computer.


           If you face any problem after clicking on the "Getting Ready" tab,  then please click on the below link to download the client Application.


           please download and install  Interwise Participant Application (V.7.2.43) -- (September 4th, 2007).


           After the installation, the client application may prompt you for ICC URL , username and password. These details are required.

          The ICC URL is ->   and the username and password are the same as your login details that you have used for online/
          on demand sessions.

      Attending Online Lectures/Recorded Sessions

           With the above steps, your system is now ready for the online lectures. Now login yourself with the above login details. Then go to the bottom
           of the page , where you will be able to see two tabs like the following.

      a) Upcoming Events

          The first tab  'Upcoming Live events at  BITS' lists the course-wise online lectures scheduled for that particular day and future events. During the

          specified time, the possible action that can be applied on a particular lecture will be specified under the title 'Action'  which is present in the

          left of the course name. (see the image below).

          If a lecture about to deliver or already started, you can click on 'Enter' to attend the lecture. In case of  future event, choose 'register' and get
          yourself registered for that event. After clicking on the "Enter" tab, a new window will open, depending upon your internet speed,
          the course power point slides will download from the server in that window. 

     b) Recorded Sessions

         The second tab 'On Demand' is used to view the past events (recorded sessions) . After clicking on that button, to view a particular course         

         recorded session, you have to specify date range and the course number. Once you specify those two parameters (course and time period) ,
         you  will be  able to see the list of available recorded sessions for that course in the specified time period. Once you get that list, please click

         on the "Playback" link of the desired lecture and view the recorded lecture.


    Sample Walkthrough 
Click here for A sample walkthrough on how to attend/view a session 

(You Need Macromedia shockwave player to view the same. Please click here to download the same).


  Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Online / On-Demand Session 

Depending upon the connection speed, it may take some time (seconds to minutes) to download the materials. Please wait till it downloads the material.

It might be due to One of the following reasons

     Contact Details for further queries

   1. In case of any problem in receiving the mails regarding online sessions:

Please mail: Online session Helpdesk

                 Subject of Mail : NAME and BITS IDNumber-Online session User Details Not received.

                  Content of Mail:

  • Date when you registered.
  • Email account used during registration Process.
    2. In case of any problem in installing/using the Interwise Participant software:

Please mail: Online session Helpdesk

                Subject of Mail : NAME and BITS IDNumber-Problem In Viewing Online/Recorded Sessions.

                 Content of Mail:

  • Exact Error what you are getting.
  • A screenshot in terms of a JPG/JPEG image attached along with a mail will be helpful. Even if it is not present Please describe it properly in text.
      3. General Query regarding Online Sessions/Lecture Schedule:

              Please mail: Online session Helpdesk

               Subject of Mail : NAME and BITS IDNumber-Query Regarding Online Sessions/Lecture Schedule

               Content of Mail:
  • Your Query.

     Any mail which does not follow above specified format will not be attended to. Please wait for at least two business days (48 hours) before
    contacting again. In case, if you do not get response even after 2 business days, you may send a reminder email with a copy of your previous

    communication. You can mark a copy of your reminder to Prof. K.Venkatasubramanian .

                  SDET Unit, BITS - Pilani (India)